Some of you may know and remember theARXXIDUC in its previous incarnation as an e-Bulletin.

Now, theARXXIDUC has undergone a rebirth as a weblog. I will try to be truthful to its original and, I believe, successful editorial make-up and concept. But it appears that the initial editorial restriction to the geographical boundaries of Mallorca and the Balearic Islands may have been somewhat limiting and, well, outdated.

It is now my endeavour to bring you news and snippets from a wider range of topics covering the whole of the Iberian peninsula and perhaps the wider Mediterranean region with even occasional excursions into Europe and, perhaps, beyond.

Why not? The world is our oyster. Our journey can be a long and exciting adventure. Let us do this extraordinary voyage together.

Welcome to theARXXIDUC. With its news from Spain, the Mediterranean, Europe and the World. Albeit with a little bias on Mallorca.

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