2191 Days Since 9/11


On a day like today, you will probably find millions of blog entries all over the world, ranging from the despair of the victims’ families to the glee of the Neo-Conservatives, and from the advocates of conspiracy theories to the fanatics of various factions.

Here is my own personal blog entry, and it’s not so much about 9/11 as it is about our past and our future.

I am not too surprised about the fact that 9/11 occurred. Assuming that it was a terrorist attack that might be traced back to some authentic Middle Eastern sources I only say that an attack like that was somehow inevitable, sooner or later. If it ever will be traced…

The history of the Western civilization is one of an advancement, by and large, to the detriment and at the cost of the so-called Third World.

Australia was conquered by the British and declared Terra Nullis, when we all know that it wasn’t uninhibited at the time. South America and Central America up to and including Mexico were conquered by the Spanish and the Portuguese, to the detriment of the Aztecs, Incas, and other indigenous people of Latin America.

North America and Canada were conquered by the Spanish and by the British, again at the expense of an indigenous population. And Africa was colonized and exploited in a big way by the French, the Dutch, the British and the Portuguese, not to mention the Germans or the Belgians or whoever else.

I am leaving out the Asian continent for the sake of briefness, but I have already mused about the doings of the mighty British East India Company sometime before (see August 15th).

Shame on all of them, and on the slave traders.


How can anyone mentally sane assume that centuries of wrongdoing would not eventually result in some severe misgivings of the underlings’ part?


Just treat your dog like the supposedly First World has treated any and all non-Christian natives on any continent and you will soon learn that your dog will die from the injuries you inflict on him, or else he will bite back, sooner or later.

No, I am not defending terrorism. I am simply pointing out the fact that terrorism has its roots and its raisons d’être on most occasions in actions and misdemeanour inflicted upon the people or nations or groups in question.




I am saying that a peaceful co-existence can not prevail, neither in New York City nor in the USA nor anywhere on this planet, really, if one applies the bullying tactics of the Terra Nullis concept for ever more, claiming that no-one was there before, that we have been there first, that we are superior for reasons of our creed or colour or religion, or whatever other crap.

I think the lessons that can easily be learned from 9/11 are obvious if one simply looks at the unequal treatment and/or compensation of the WTC victims. Civilians killed or seriously injured reportedly received a total payout of $ 8.7 billion, ranging from $ 0.25 million to $ 7.1 million per recipient. Are some dead always worth so much more than others? If the 9/11 victim was Bulgarian or Colombian or Syrian or Nigerian or non-White or non-Christian, it was a different story again. Some got nothing, some got $ 0.1 million, some still wait. Like the family of Adel Agayby Zakhary, and many others.

In a world of injustice, we cannot expect peace. If we want peace, we have to strive for peace.


If we want to co-exist peacefully in our family, or our community, or office, or nation, or world, we have to be prepared to listen and to tolerate and to accept that one can’t justify inequality, at least not without repercussions.



For the next 2191 days of my life, I would wish for a better understanding between all of us, and for more tolerance. I would wish for a better deal for women. I would wish for a curbing of religious influence on any non-religious topics. I would wish for the West to learn from the mistakes of the past and to apologize for them, and I would wish for the East, or at least the Middle East, to be more forgiving and absolving. I would wish for a new US government that is neither symbolized by elephants nor by donkeys.


I would wish for a substantial change of thinking. I would wish for the old men brigade that has done so much wrong in the past to not be allowed to continue to make more mistakes on our behalf.

I would wish for an end to the Terra Nullis thinking in our minds.

I would wish for a new beginning.


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