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The Queen That Never Was


Princess Diana’s death is being marked in a memorial service today, a decade after she died in that infamous car crash in Paris. Camilla, Prince Charles’s second wife, has finally stated that she will refrain from attending. Probably a wise decision, to the best of everyone. Diana and Camilla are pictured above at Ludlow racecourse, UK, in a 1980 photo.

Diana Frances Spencer (1961-1997), born in Norfolk, had some brief encounters with the island of Mallorca, and with Deià in particular. Deià is a mountain village in the north eastern mountain range of Mallorca, the Serra de Tramuntana. Deià is famous for many things and many people, such as author and poet, Robert Graves. Deià’s most notable hotel is called La Residencia, which had a Michelin star until recently and which has some more modest rooms as well as three suites, each with their own swimming pool; Princess Diana was a dedicated visitor of La Residencia. She is said to have come and stayed three or four times during the time of the break-up of her marriage to Prince Charles.

Earlier, in 1987, the Princess of Wales had been to Mallorca with Prince Charles and their two sons, staying at Marivent Palace outside of Palma de Mallorca, where the British Royal family was holidaying with the Spanish King Juan Carlos and his family.


In my humble opinion, Diana, the Queen that never was, may have benefited the British monarchial dynasty in more ways than is commonly assumed.