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Happy Days for Rafael Nadal



21 year old Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal, actually from Manacor in Mallorca, has not only had an astounding streak of 81 wins on clay court, but he is also a singularly talented tennis sports person, in having won the trophies for three years running in the championships of Rome as well as Monte-Carlo, Barcelona and, just a fortnight ago, Roland Garros in Paris. Nadal still ranks as number 2 in the ATP tennis world, behind the ubiquitous Herr Federer, who is the biggest hero on all the Grand Slam surfaces but clay.

For his accomplishments the prestigious Principe de Asturias Award for Sport in 2006 was bestowed upon Nadal last September. As it so happens, the award ceremony was held only yesterday at the Royal abode in Madrid. Unfortunately for him, this ‘Asturias Award’ is a trophy that Rafa will not be allowed to take home for three years running.

And perhaps it will be Roger Federer’s turn next year. I think Letizia likes Roger (Letizia Ortiz, Princesa de Asturias, the future Queen of Spain). Next week, Federer will try for his 5th successive win of the All England Club trophy at the Wimbledon Championships. The best of luck, Roger.

Al Gore, former Vice President of the United States of America and famous for being the US American President that wasn’t, also won the Príncipe de Asturias Award, but alas, not for tennis or any other sporting activity. Al Gore won in the category of International Cooperation in 2007.


And to make up a trio of ‘Goodfellows’, Robert Zimmermann also won the same Asturias award, in this case for the category of the Arts in 2007. In case you do not recognize the name, it is our good old Bob Dylan. 

Congratulations to the three of you. Well done. Enhorabuena

And sorry, Roger Federer. Don’t try to be King Midas.