Daily Archives: 11 June 2007

Palma Courtyard Visits



Palma de Mallorca has an overwhelming wealth of old buildings mainly of the XVIth, XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries, some of them of palatial proportions. Often these come equipped with fantastic courtyards. Unfortunately the majority of these architectural treasures are closed to the eyes of the passer-by. But luckily for us, Palma also has the wonderful tradition of the festivities of Corpus Christi. For a period of two to four weeks in the month of June every year, a large number of old courtyards in Palma are open for visitors. Concerts are also being held at some of these courtyards.


And the Palma Tourist Office has the great habit of putting on guided visits to many of those courtyards. These guided tours are on offer at this moment and until the end of this month. The good thing is that tours are being held not only in Catalan or Spanish, but in other languages as well. English is on offer as is German, and some tour guides also speak reasonably good French and/or Italian. There are tours to the ‘Ciutat Alta’ as well as to the ‘Ciutat Baixa’.


Each tour lasts for about two hours. For enquiries and reservations please telephone 971.720.720 or 636.430.000. Tickets are 6 €.