Daily Archives: 6 June 2007

Scrumptious Kumquats



Not many people know that the Kumquat fruit also grows in Spain. Come to think of it, not many people know the Kumquat fruit. If you have never tried a Kumquat, now is the time. The little gem originates from China, but some enthusiast brought it to the Mediterranean a long time ago. Here in Mallorca, the last five weeks have seen the peak of this year’s Kumquat season, and what a delight this fruit is. Beautifully scrumptious! 

You can eat the whole fruit, skin and all. Well, not all of it, because the pips you do not want to swallow, but the rest of these tiny citrus fruits one can eat. You will be surprised that the skin tastes less acid, if not sweeter than the Kumquat‘s flesh. 


You will find that the Kumquat is perfect for making marmalade, compote or preserve. For Kumquat marmalade you put 1 kg of the clean fruit, sliced and pips removed, and add 1 kg of sugar, plus one package of setting agent. Maybe you want to add the juice of 3 fresh lime fruits. Cook until tender. Fill into jam jars or old household jars of the right size. It is better to use jars of a smaller size. Your accomplishment will delight your family and those of your friends that you have chosen to give presents to. 

The Kumquat fruit can also be used in a delicious Kumquat Fruit Cake or a Middle Eastern inspired Kumquat and Almond Cake. Or try other kinds of deserts, such as Kumquat in Brandy. For this, you would need about 2 kg of Kumquats, 1 kg of preserving sugar, 2 litres of water and 250 ml of brandy. But you would have to wait for at least one month before you really could enjoy this concoction.

The recipe for this and some other interesting tricks and treats can be found on the Kumquat growers homepage.  Check recipes out there and let your boldness reign. And surprise your loved ones, maybe by serving a fabulous cup of Kumquat tea.