Daily Archives: 1 June 2007




For ten years now Spain has been celebrating a remarkable series of Photographic events under the PhotoEspaña signum. The annual festival takes place in Spain’s capital city, Madrid. This year the exhibition dates are from 30 May to 22 July, but some exhibitions are on show until the end of August. Some 65 exhibitions are being shown in total in various venues, from galleries to department stores and from theatre foyers to Metro stations. 

“My America”, 1999, by Chinese photographer Zhang Huan (above) for instance, is shown in a major exhibition at the Fundación Telefónica in Madrid’s Gran Via 38, until 28 August. Zhang Huan is acclaimed as one of the foremost artist of the new wave from China. The artist (born in 1965) now lives and works in Shanghai as well as New York. 

Most exhibitions of PhotoEspaña07 are shown admission free. A small, pocket size catalogue is available for 15 €, whilst the official hard bound catalogue is for sale at 55 €. 

When did you last spend a weekend away in Madrid? Go soon if you have not been.