Mallorca Anniversary


It is coming up for twenty years since we chose to live on the island of Mallorca, Spain. We had a roller coaster of a time with our three children enjoying a happy childhood here, or so we think. Our eldest daughter was 2 years old when we got here, and the second daughter was barely six months old. Our youngest, the boy, was born the year after we arrived. He was born in Ca’s Concos des Cavallers, which makes him a genuine Mallorquí, doesn’t it?

All three children speak Mallorquín fluently, as they do Castillano (Spanish), English and German. The two girls accomplished their Baccalaureate in Catalan/Castillano a few years ago, whereas the boy passed his ‘FP’ last year. The girls, 21 and 20 now, have gone to Sussex University in the UK; our boy, 18 now, still lives with us. 

Only the future will tell if we will still be here in another twenty years time, but right now, there appears to be no reason as to why not.

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